5 Reasons It Is a Brilliant Idea to Hire a Wedding Planner

Ok, so yeah, this is a totally gratuitous and selfish post about why I think it you should hire a wedding planner… or more specifically… me!   But really, I actually do think it is a fantastic idea to get some help in planning what is known as “the most important day of your life!”

When I planned my own wedding in 2007, I was gung ho and excited about doing my own planning (I am the wedding planning type after all).  However, in hind sight, despite knowing my own skills and abilities, and having fun during the process… an expert to help me along the way would have been an awesome added bonus.

Planning a wedding takes an ENORMOUS amount of time.  In fact, stats in Canada show the average wedding takes about 250 hours of planning time.   For the better part of a year, while working a full time job, I lived and breathed my wedding.  I spent every spare moment crafting, organizing, phoning, searching, pondering, deciding and sometimes stressing about every little detail of my big day.

While much of this was great fun for me, the biggest drawback to doing everything myself, with no planner, was that come the wedding weekend… I also had to rely on myself and friends and family to pull off all the details I had organized.  I was so tired the weekend of my wedding and barely had a moment to breathe and enjoy… I was a little distracted with ensuring everything I had worked so hard at creating was pulled off well.  It would have been so nice to have some professional help… (and I am not talking therapy here).

So…  what are my 5 reasons I should have hired a planner?

1. Time

We are all so busy!  Work, family, kids, commitments, obligations.  It can be difficult to find the time to wedding plan.  A wedding planner can organize the tasks you need to do so that you can maximize the use of your time, AND they can often take on a lot of the menial tasks themselves freeing you up to do the important things.


2. Wedding Day Management

When you’ve worked so hard to create all the little details of your wedding day, wouldn’t it be nice to sit back and enjoy them?  A wedding planner will co-ordinate with your vendors, venue and take care of tasks themselves to ensure your vision is brought to life.  This way you, your friends and family can do what they should be doing… celebrating!


3. Save Money

A wedding planner can save you money? Oh yes!!  A big part of a wedding planner’s job is to help you create a detailed budget and stick to it.  They can help you focus on the important elements of your day allocate dollars where they make the most sense.  A planners experience, contacts and creativity can also point you in the direction of some great bargains!

But doesn’t a wedding planner cost money?  Yes…but perhaps not as much as you think! Not all wedding planners looking for the big-budget wedding.  Many charge a percentage of your budget and are happy to work with couples with smaller budget weddings.


4. Support

Your wedding planner will NEVER get tired of you talking about and being excited about your wedding.  They are there to bounce ideas off of and listen to all your needs wishes.  They can even mediate when there is a conflict whether with family members or vendors.


5. Creative Ideas

Stuck on coming up with a fantastic idea?  I bet your wedding planner will have a few suggestion to help you personalize your event and make it memorable for everyone!

Cheers from Melanie!      Wedding Coordinator, Blackbird Events, Calgary, Alberta


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